Frequently asked questions

Do you do private readings?

I seldom do individual readings. They're just not my thing. Some astrologers absolutely love doing personal consultations, but not me. That might change, but for now, they're not on the menu. Now, I will eventually offer PDF chart reports. SIgn up for my newsletter to find out when!

How do I learn astrology?

There are so many great resources out there for learning astrology! A great first step is to draw up your chart on Astrodeinst. After that, you can click on AstroClick Natal, which will show you different pieces of the chart. From there, hit Google to get definitions and learn about how things work together. Do NOT go into "Extended Chart Selection," because it can get super overwhelming for a newbie! I will be developing an Intro to Astrology course in the future. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter to find out when it drops.

What software do you use for your astrology charts?

I use SolarFire 9 with a Windows 10 laptop. If you have a Mac, there are other programs that work better for Mac OS.

Is astrology real?

I guess? This is why I call myself a skeptic still. I think it's a highly powerful tool in the right hands, and the stars definitely affect things. However, can you drop it in the Hadron Collider and get some sort of amazing science out of it? No. Learn how to be comfortable with the unknown.

Is astrology Devil worship or Satanic?

Nah. I let my membership in Fire & Brimstone 666 Local drop, so you're all good.


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